Vanessa is a 22-year-old student living in Gainesville, FL. Her first love was history, but the amount of media she consumes inspired her to double-major in telecommunications. She enjoys television shows with interesting female characters (Sansa Stark! Alicia Florrick! Tina Belcher!) and spending too much time on the internet. Vanessa won’t say no to coffee, sour candy, and anything lemon-flavored. She hopes this blog will help improve her writing and her commitment to projects. You can check out all of her posts here. She can also be found on Goodreads, Tumblr, and Twitter.

Amanda is a 22-year-old student also living in Gainesville, FL. She is majoring in English and Film. She loves puppy parties, New York, and left-handedness. She always dresses like it’s 50 degrees outside (even if it’s 90). Her favorite hobbies include annoying Vanessa about watching Spirited Away, buyin’ stuff on the internet and honing her skills as an amateur mixologist. You can find her at Goodreads, Twitter, and Letterboxd.

Fatima is a 22-year-old student living in Reston, Virginia. She has her Bachelor’s in Journalism and Mass Communications. When she’s not throwing around weights at her CrossFit box, she is probably blasting music at an unhealthy volume. Her ultimate goals in life are to ride a hover board and save the clock tower. Fatima hopes this blog will provide a creative outlet for her sometimes outlandish ideas. She can be found on Twitter, and Last.fm.


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