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So much has changed since the last time I made an appearance on Wassuppy. Here’s a quick update:

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It always seems to surprise people when I tell them how few times I’ve been to New York. I just got back from my fourth trip ever (alright, alright, it was my 3rd trip in under a year) but people always ask me for a list of what they “must see” or “must do.” I’m pretty notorious in my friends group for being completely obsessed with the city, even making excel sheets to keep track of all of the places I want to visit. I do have plenty more places to visit before I have a truly definitive list of what’s “the best of the best,” but, for now, these are just a few of my favorite things –

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Two summers ago I got really into journaling when I was studying abroad in Florence. Every day I would collect little knick knacks from restaurants, shops, and museums, and I’d glue them onto a journal. Next to the images, I would write about my day, every day. Journaling that summer has helped me remember memories better and will always serve as a primary source of my experience abroad.

After my Florence journal, I bought a new journal… and I did write in it, but I definitely didn’t write in it as often as when I had a different daily itinerary every day. Is it me or does it seem boring to just write, “Went to class” “Ate dinner” when just a little while ago I was writing “Saw Michelangelo’s David today.” I stopped writing every day because nothing out of the ordinary was happening.

Then, I looked at my journal last month and realized that I had gone one month, two months without journaling at times. I wanted to change that in the New Year. After all, journaling has always been a relaxing outlet for me.

This project’s main purpose is to inspire me to be creative, productive, and reflective. After all, I am never going to be the same age as I am right this second.

I decided I would start a 365 journal, and with a little help from online prompts, I would write or craft every day.


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When we moved into our new apartment this past summer, my roommates and I had one clear goal we all agreed on: we must have a balcony garden.

Over the fall semester, we kept at it, but as the semester drew to a close we left all of our plants unattended for three weeks. All of our main herbs died (basil, mint, rosemary), so Amanda and I decided we should plant new ones when we came back from winter break.


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Allow me to further educate you on a product that will not only change your life, but improve the health of your hair entirely.

Everyday is an incredible hair day after the use of Buttercup. What is Buttercup, you ask? Produced by Dry Bar, this powerful blow dryer stops frizz and deposits necessary minerals to each individual strand. Not only will your hair drying time be reduced, it’s results will blow your mind.

Recently, I’ve bleached my hair from “blackest black” to “ash blonde” in just a few days. Due to repeated chemical processes, my hair is very fragile. After endless money wasted on products promising to deliver specific results, I’ve finally stumbled across Buttercup. Invest in this blow dryer and toss the straightener but only if you want the most luscious locks. Take my word, and the compliments will come pouring in!

-Written by Guest Writer Brooke Salerno