the lust list


In days past, I would have gladly convinced myself that I could buy whatever I wanted and make it work. I’d do the math – “if I work 3 extra shifts I can buy this.” Unfortunately, all that is no more. With car payments and impending student loan payments, I can’t afford to just buy stuff when I want. So, for now, I’ll constantly refresh these pages online, hoping for some extravagant, unrealistic sale.

Madewell Courier Shirt in Stripe – I love all of the Courier shirts but I think the stripe is my favorite. I’m really bad about getting out of my comfort zone when it comes to clothes but that’s alright cause this shirt screams my name. I really want it, and actually see it as something I would definitely get my money’s worth from, but I’m hoping to visit my local-ish Madewell to check it out in person before I jump the gun.

Madewell Transport Tote – Can you tell I’m having a Madewell moment? I’ve loved this bag for years but I own about 500 totes so I keep telling myself that I definitely do not need another one. Nonetheless, I…need it. I’m actually putting some money aside each time I get paid so I won’t feel so bad when I spend an entire loan payment on a purse. But! This is such a grown up girl bag! I feel like I, as a 22 year old college grad, need this bag. Plus, doesn’t it seem like the perfect airplane bag?!

Dior SoReal Sunglasses – File this under things I will never buy but will forever want. These sunglasses are over $500 so yeah, never gonna happen, but the heart wants what the heart wants. I just think, if I were to buy these, I’d never need another pair of sunglasses again. So…maybe…if I win the lottery or something.

Commodity Fragrance in Book – I first experienced this a few weeks ago when I was in New York and fell in love at first sniff. I can’t stop thinking about it. I actually ended up buying the “Gin” scent but only because they didn’t have Book in stock as a rollerball (funnily enough, the Book scent actually smelled much more alcoholic to me). I can’t really justify another full-sized perfume bottle but I definitely know this one is at the top of my list.



Everyone knows Sephora has two bi-annual “sales” – the amazing November sale (20%!) as well as a spring sale that usually occurs sometime in April. Although I haven’t received any email about this sale yet (hopefully that changes by the time this post goes up!), this sale is surely around the corner. I typically try to save as many purchases as I can for these sales so I can save a bit. Because of this, there’s a ton I’m considering buying.

L’Occitane Almond Smoothing and Beautifying Supple Skin Oil – One of my 2015 “resolutions” (if you can call it that) was to be sure to moisturize as much as possible. I’m 22 but I’m already noticing that my skin is constantly changing. From oily one day to normal to dry, it is already becoming something I’m having to look after. I’ve been using lotions for the most part so far but my friend recently gave me a sample of this oil. The scent alone is to die for (almonds! so cozy) but the product itself is also wonderful. I’m especially looking forward to using it this summer when lotions and creams start to feel too heavy.

Tarte Tarteguard 30 Sunscreen Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 30 – This is a new one! I’ve long been a fan of Shiseido sunscreens and, as much as I love them, this packaging alone is calling to me! I’m really good about making sure to apply SPF every morning but I definitely could never forget with this bright bottle sitting on my vanity!

Oscar Blandi Dry Conditioner – I had the same reaction – a dry conditioner!? I first heard about this stuff when I was watching The Kitchy Kitchen and was instantly intrigued, especially because I’m constantly using dry shampoo. This is one of those products I’ll always wonder about until I try it so why not check it out when I can save a few bucks?

Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Eye Cream – As you can probably tell, I’m not all that concerned with makeup at the moment, but I have been running low on a ton of my skincare. I’m currently alternating between an Algenist eye cream and the Origins Ginzing one. Though I like them both, I’m looking for one that is targeted more towards someone who is just starting to worry about anti-aging, not necessarily trying to counteract it. After some research, I came upon this one and it seems perfect!

Commodity Gin Eau de Parfum – This is sort of my wildcard. I definitely don’t need new perfume but, for me and fragrance, I never say never. I’ve long been interested in the Commodity line so I was ecstatic to see they were going to be carried at Sephora. Although I’m not sure Gin will be the scent I necessarily love, I’m dying to check it out in person!

BareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream – I love BareMinerals’ base products. I tested this out on my hand a few weeks ago and I loved it. They didn’t have my shade so I thought it was probably a sign to just wait this one out until the sale. I personally found this to be extremely light coverage (so I’m not sure it would be a favorite for everyone) but I think it would be perfect for long days at work when I want to feel put together but not overdone.

What are you looking forward to buying when the sale comes around? Do you know when the sale will be? Let me know if you’ve heard anything!

Another day, another dollar.

Nailkale – Illuminator: I recently saw one of my favorite youtubers, Ashley, talk about this stuff. As someone who is constantly painting their nails, I am in desperate need for a product exactly like this! Something that makes my nails look presentable while still allowing them to get some time off from constant re-painting. This will definitely be comin’ home with me next time I find myself at Sephora.

Blundstone Boots: Another inspired item, this time from The Stylish Wanderer. I love these boots. They seem so easy to throw on yet pack a punch. They’re understated yet still manage to be bold enough to pull together an outfit. I could definitely see myself wearing these every single day, especially during these colder rainy months.

Classic Chemex: The last thing I need in the entire world is another means of making coffee. I currently own 3 of my own brewers and there is a grand total of 6 separate brewers in my apartment. Yet…this Chemex calls to me. I’ve been seeing it everywhere! Monica (from Friends) has one and I’m constantly seeing them on Pinterest! And my daily perusal of Stumptown’s website isn’t making this any easier. The more coffee (brewers) the better, right?

Even though I’m trying to cut back from buying new things for the next few months (graduating from college and moving out of my apartment in Gainesville won’t be any easier with more things to pack), I’m still keeping an ongoing list of my favorite things I’ve fallen in love with. Let me know what you guys are loving! Obviously (and unfortunately, maybe, ha!), I’m always on the look out for new things!

As a self-proclaimed shopping addict, I am constantly convincing myself I “need” things. It’s something I’m trying to back away from as I grow up and have real bills and expenses but…you know, things! beautiful things! are calling my name!

Just kidding but also not kidding. Instead, I thought I’d channel my wants and “needs” through gushing words rather than actual purchases. Let’s see about that.

Le Creuset Cast-Iron Heart Shaped Dutch Oven – I’m 22 years old but never really considered myself an adult until I decided that I want a pot…but not just any pot. This dutch oven is the stuff of dreams. I’ve decided 2015 is the year I’m going to learn to cook and, so far, I’ve done pretty well with it. I probably won’t actually invest in beautiful cookware until I’ve got my own post-college place but one day, it will be mine.

DryBar Full Pint Medium Round Brush – I recently got the DryBar Buttercup hair dryer for Christmas and I love it. I got it in a set with the half pint brush, which I love, but have found is a bit too small for my incredibly long (and desperately needing to be cut) hair. I’m not sure if this is my “dream” round brush but I know I like the smaller version so I think I’d like the larger one, too, so I think its a good place to start.

Sam Edelman Petty Boot in Putty Suede – Oh man. I first discovered these when my friend Lauren bought them a few months ago and I thought they were beautiful. I’ve reaaaally been wanting a pair of taupe-ish booties and I’m not sure if this is my perfect pair but they’re as close as I’ve actually seen so far. I think if they were to lean a bit more beige they might be perfect but, either way, these are my current front runners.